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Welcome to the Four's Class at Trinity Hill Child Care Center. I am looking forward to getting to know you and your child this year.
Each child has a cubby located by the coke machine, outside the 4's classroom. It is labeled with his/her name on it and it is for daily items such as coats, share toys, backpacks, linens, etc. Please be sure to check your child's cubby each night. Any items that are left at closing are placed in our closet. Please be sure to LABEL ALL ITEMS that come to school with your child name. Your child will have a nap cubby as well. The nap cubbies are located in the closet by the sink in the hallway. I will be putting your child's extra clothes in his/her nap cubby. Please send in an extra shirt, pair of pants, socks, and underwear in case of an accident. Please be sure that your child's extra clothes are weather appropriate, As the weather starts to change, I will send home reminders for more seasonal clothes.
Folders will be located in the file box on the top of the cubbies, and the folders will act as a mailbox from me to you. These folders will contain our weekly lesson plan, accident/incident reports, art projects, and information from the office, such as menus and newsletters. Please check your child's folders daily to keep up with important information and your child's work.
Stapled to the back of your child's folder is the medicine sheet. This medicine sheet must be completely filled out with your signature in order to give your child the proper dose at the correct time. Please remember that prescription medicine must come in its original container with your child's name and dosage on it. Any over the counter medicine that your send must be labeled and list the dosage for children ages 2 and older. The chart and dosage that you sign your child up for must match, or we cannot give the medication. The time the medicine must be given is to be specific. We cannot dispense medication on an "as needed' basis. Please be sure to notify one of the teachers that medicine needs to be given before you leave in the morning.
Hanging above the cubbies in the hallway, you will find our parent bulletin board. Information on this board includes a copy of our weekly lesson plan, our goals for the classroom and any other special information. Other special information on the parent bulletin board may include home treat signs, sign-up sheets for parties, and general reminders. Near the bulletin board I will have our nap chart that will include our daily activities, meals, and how long your child rested during naptime.
If your child will be arriving later than 9:00 am (breakfast) please call to let us know so I can give our cook an accurate count for lunch. This is also helpful for me to know while preparing for group, art, and other special activities.
Each Monday you will need to bring your child a labeled sheet and blanket for naptime. Your child will become responsible for fitting the sheet onto the mat eventually so please keep this in mind when selecting a sheet. On Friday, all sheets and blankets will be sent home to be laundered. Please be sure that you check your child's cubby on Friday evening.
We will be having special activities throughout the week. Every Tuesday, we will have our Star of the Week. During group, we will be learning all about our special friend and his/her adventures with our class "mascot". We will also be having alphabet snacks on Thursday, I have attached a letter that goes into more detail about the alphabet snack.
Please be sure to mention to me if your child has any allergies that we need to be aware of. This not only includes food allergies, but anything such as bug bites as well. As a school policy, please do not send any NUT PRODUCTS to school with your child.
I would like to take this opportunity in advance to thank you for sharing your child with me. I look forward to helping them grow and mature socially, academically, emotionally, and spiritually. I know that if we work together, we can make this class the best it can be.


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