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The following guidelines are used in our Center:

• Establish simple, consistent rules for children, which set the limits of behavior.
• Do not subject the children to harsh, physical punishment, nor use any methods of discipline that is frightening. Abusive language will NOT be used.
• Do not associate discipline with rest or food.
• Non-conforming children shall be dealt with by the Director and may be referred for counseling. We ask all children to respect themselves, to respect each other, and to respect the Center property.

First Day

When a child is coming to the Center for the first time, it will make the transition easier if the parent brings the following articles labeled with the child’s name:

1. A complete change of clothing. (Two changes are required for infants.)
2. Diapers for infants and toddlers.
3. Formula, breast milk, baby food and /or juice bottles for infants.
4. A crib sheet and blanket for nap time.
5. Completed enrollment forms.

Center Visitations

You are welcome to visit the Center at any time except naptime.

You are also welcome to come for lunch with your child at his/her scheduled eating time, but please let the staff know in advance in order that we may inform the kitchen.

We ask that there be no visitation during the first month the child is enrolled. This gives the child time to adjust to his/her new schedule.

Children often act differently when parents visit the Center. This is normal. Your child will be excited that you are visiting and may not behave in his/her normal fashion.

Nap Time

As a requirement of Law and also as part of our daily schedule, naptime will be for all children. The infants will take their naps as needed and all others will take naps after lunchtime.

All children need to bring a crib sheet and blanket for their mat. Nap linens are to be taken home every Friday for laundering and to be returned on Monday. We do not require that the older children sleep, but they must rest quietly on their mats.

Children's Possessions

We request that children do not bring their own toys, candy, food or money to the Center.

Stuffed animals, blankets and pillows are permitted for naptime. Those nap time aids must be left in their “cubbies” until naptime.

Chewing gum in NOT permitted in the Center.

Wednesdays at Trinity Hill Child Care Center are designated “Share Days”. Your child may bring a toy, book, etc., to share with the other children. Please make sure that this item is labeled and brought to school in a bag or backpack.


We are an active Center and request that children be dressed in comfortable, practical and washable clothing. Please send your child in clothes and shoes that are appropriate for child-care.

A complete change of clothes is required at the Center at all times. These clothes should be labeled with your child’s name. The Center assumes NO responsibility for any unlabeled clothing.

Outdoor Play

Children will have daily outside time (including winter days) unless the weather is inclement. Please dress your child accordingly.

A doctor’s excuse is needed if your child is not permitted outside for a temporary period of time.


Devotionals are held every other week by one of the Pastors of Daybreak Christian Church. These are general, non-denominational lessons, designed to give a Christian background and information.


Birthdays are a special event for your child. We love to help celebrate!!

If you would like to provide a special snack please check with your child’s teacher.

Field Trips

Field trips are scheduled as part of the learning curriculum and usually relate to a unit which is being studied in the classroom. All trips will be taken in the Church bus. When you are given your forms upon enrollment, you will receive one that has a release for field trips. Advance notice of trips will be posted on the parent’s board or on the classroom door, for the age group taking the trip.