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All illness, allergies, or dietary problems should be reported to the director in the form of a written note. All children in the Center must be able to eat meals that are provided by the Center’s kitchen, unless a doctor’s note has been presented in advance. Any exceptions must be cleared through the Trinity Hill Child Care Center office.

A written certificate of immunization is required upon enrollment. This certificate is required by law and must be updated as necessary.


The Staff will follow guidelines from parents on administering any medication that is brought from home. This medication must be labeled with the child’s name.

There will be NO drugs (i.e. aspirin, Tylenol, etc.) available from Trinity Hill Child Care Center.

Rubbing alcohol to be used as a disinfectant, Band-Aids, and a clinical thermometer will be kept in the first aid box.

We cannot administer medicine unless the parent has completed a medication form.


Trinity Hill Child Care Center is a well childcare center. For the protection of all children, any child with the following symptoms cannot attend the center:

If a child should develop these symptoms while at the center, the parent will be notified to pick up the child promptly. Please come as soon as possible. If you know you cannot be here within a reasonable amount of time, please call someone who can.

Please remember that the child must be FEVER FREE BEFORE RETURNING TO THCCC.

In the case of fevers greater than 101, children are considered to have a contagious illness unless they have been seen by a physician and have a statement to the contrary (as in the example of an ear infection).  Children who have a fever of 101 or more associated with a contagious illness MUST BE FEVER FREE FOR 24 HOURS BEFORE RETURNING TO THE CENTER.

The following guidelines determine our attendance policy for the most common communicable diseases / illnesses:

1. Measles – Child may return after he/she has been fever fee for 24 hours and seven days after the appearance of the rash.

2. Mumps – Child may return to the Center after swelling dissipates.

3. Chicken Pox, Shingles – Child may return after all lesions have crusted, at least seven (7) days after onset of rash.

4. Thrush, Conjunctivitis (pink eye), Strep, Impetigo, Bronchitis – Child must be on medication for 24 hours and in the case of Strep must be fever free for 24 hours before returning to the Center.

5. Viruses – Child must be free of symptoms, fever and must have eaten one meal without further symptoms before returning to the Center.

6. Infestations – Child must have a doctor’s note to return to the Center.

7. Lice – Child must have been treated and off the Center for 24 hours. We may require that all children be treated that have had contact with the individual.

8. Fifths Disease – Child must be out of the Center for 24 hours after onset of rash and may return with a doctor’s excuse. (This may be revised depending on medical data.)

A doctor’s written consent to return to the Center must be presented upon the child’s return after a contagious illness or serious disease.